Slim-30 and Ei Ta Mei
Natural Weight Loss Herb Supplement

Natural Weight Loss Supplement

Slim-30 Weight Loss
An improved herbal formula based on the Ei Ta Mei diet supplement.
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Ei Ta Mei Weight Loss
Follows the double weight loss concept.
All-natural ingredients.
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Lose Fat & Flush It out -- Together for Better Results!

Body cleansing is one of the most important steps in any weight loss, fitness, anti-aging or health improvement programs. Vegemax provides constipation relief and promotes better body circulation in a relatively short period of time.

A magnificent combination of both Vegemax and our natural weight loss products would yield great results.

Slim-30 + Vegemax
Take Slim-30 natural herb for weight loss together with Vegemax vegetable supplement and get better results.

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Ei Ta Mei + Vegemax
Cleanse your internal system and provide essential nutrition support for better weight loss.

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